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Codelessize is a B2B solution that handles everything from design, development, security, backup, hosting, maintenance, to upgrades, allowing business owners to focus solely on their business.

At its core, Codelessize is a codeless platform. Our in-house codeless editor allows business owners to have total control over their digital presence without dealing with code or IT complexity.

Codelessize provides everything businesses need—Illustration, Web UI, SaaS, MVP, AI, SEO, and more—enabling creative minds and business owners to interact and innovate without code. We offer a range of in-house templates, primarily for Web UI, and collaborate with artists and creative minds worldwide. They upload their digital work, such as logos, illustrations, videos, or PDFs, to our platform, and we transform it into codeless templates, integrating the results into our clients' websites effortlessly.

Showcasing Branding & Illustration

Bring Your Vision to Life


Build stunning web user interfaces, design captivating visuals, and customize layouts effortlessly—no coding required. Take full control of your digital presence and bring your vision to life with ease.

Ai Integration

Seamlessly integrate advanced AI capabilities into your applications using our codeless editor. Interact with AI models, automate tasks, and enhance user experiences without the need for coding expertise, empowering you to unlock the full potential of AI technology.

Pdf Generation

Generate professional-quality PDF documents instantly, customizing every aspect—from branding to content layout—with ease and precision.


Transform Your Ideas with Speed, Simplicity, and Innovation

Rapid Time-to-Start
Launch your project within 24 hours. Dive into your concepts with pre-loaded modules for content, user, and brand management.
Codeless Empowerment
We create and host your applications, giving you control over data, content, and branding — no programming skills needed.
Cutting-edge Efficiency
Our platform ensures a responsive user experience across all devices using the latest technology.
Effortless Real-time Control
Implement changes instantly and securely. See the impact in real-time.

Simplified Pricing for Codeless Solutions

Empowering Business Owners: Say Goodbye to Hiring Developers. Subscribe to Our Packages for Full-Service Web Application Solutions — from Development to Maintenance and Upgrades.


Kickstart your digital journey with essential tools and features.

$100 / Month Maintenance Fee
$2500 Setup & Development fee
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Vitalize plan features:

  • Codeless Editor
  • User Management Module
  • Content Management Module
  • Access to UI templates
  • Custom UI templates
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Custom Domain Integration
  • Email Support
  • Regular Software Updates


Elevate your business with advanced tools for efficiency and performance

$150 / Month Maintenance Fee
$3600 Setup & Development fee
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Everything in Vitalize, plus:

  • Codeless AI Capabilites: Text generation, Image generation, Vision, Text-to-speech, Speech-to-text
  • SEO
  • Quarterly Strategy Review
  • Priority Email And Phone Support


Custom solutions tailored to your business, MVP, and SaaS needs.

$350 / Month Maintenance Fee
$7200 Setup & Development fee
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Everything in Optimize, plus:

  • Custom Web Application Development
  • Custom Integrations with Third-party API
  • Direct Access To Product Developer
  • Codeless Animation Generation
  • Codeless Video Generation
  • Subscription Management Module
  • Codeless PDF Generation
  • Custom PDF templates
  • Access to 1000+ PDF templates
  • 24/7 Emergency Support
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